Personal | 25 bookish facts about me

You might not know much about me, so I’m going to tell you more about me. Are you ready?

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  1. I have read my entire life but had a major reading slump at the beginning of high school because I did not know what to read anymore, children’s books were too easy and adult books were too boring, so I quit for a few years.
  2. But then I discovered the lovely genre that is YA! It has become my favourite genre ever since.
  3. I never eat and read at the same time, I can take small breaks for eating or drinking but almost never do it both.
  4. I read mostly at night before I go to bed and I never ever fall asleep while reading.
  5. During holidays I can read up to 3-4 books a week, but in normal weeks I read about 1-2 books a week.
  6. My favourite book is Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer.crowly-feelings
  7. I have never read much high fantasy but I am trying it out right now.
  8. Same holds for audio books. I love them so far!
  9. I can read in trains, cars or any moving object as long as we are not taking too many curves. When I was young I could not and would get sick but not anymore.
  10. I usually read without music but in public places it is mandatory, otherwise I get distracted.
  11. The largest book I read was a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories by Arthur Conan Doyle which is about 1300 (gigantic) pages.
  12. I only discovered the wonderful world of Harry Potter last year, because my younger self thought wizards were silly and unrealistic.giphy.gif
  13. Most of the books I own are second hand or bought on sale because my budget is small. On average the amount of money I spend on a book is about 5 euros.
  14. I read mostly in English, because those books are cheaper and English is nicer to read. I only just realized how much English names in a Dutch book can annoy me.
  15. I love book stores but barely buy books in them, they often don’t have the books I want and are overpriced. Also there is only one book store in my hometown which has a very limited YA section.
  16. I don’t really imagine a real person when I read a character, they are just vague persons in my head.
  17. I love book-to-movie adaptations.
  18. I only recently discovered booktube and the book community on twitter, but have been a silent observer at the booklr community.
  19. According to me beautiful book covers should contain great artwork, matching colouring, simplicity and no people (figures are allowed). I prefer no photographs. (which is a weird thing to say since I’m a photographer). My favourite cover is A Thousand Pieces Of You by Claudia Gray.
  20. I don’t care much for matching covers, but I prefer them to be the same height.
  21. Most of my books are paperbacks because hardcovers are too expensive and I don’t think it is worth it.
  22. I read contemporary but I don’t value it much, I think they are fun to read in a day but often not really good (same for romances). When I was younger all I read was contemporary. Now I skipped to fantasy.
  23. I love love love talking about books, so please bother me with questions and random comments.
  24. I have 105 books on my shelves. And I keep an excel file with all of them *blushes in embarassment*. giphy (1).gif
  25. My book shelves are ordered on genre, with as order classics – contemporary – adult fiction – YA

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2 thoughts on “Personal | 25 bookish facts about me

  1. Hi Lia! I found your blog from Marie’s annual book blogger awards post, and I’m really glad this is the first post of yours I read 😊 So, can you read fluently in Dutch as well? That’s awesome… my goal is to be able to read fluently in another language other than English, and I think I’m finally getting there with Chinese (even though it’s taken me my entire life to get to this point, but it’s been worth all the studying! 😆). Anyways, I’m excited to explore more of your blog!

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    1. Thanks! I am actually Dutch so it’s my first language. I would love to be able to learn French as well but I’m too lazy to actually get better. Good luck with Chinese! (btw, this post is really outdated because some of these facts are no longer true)

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