Recipe of Me Tag

Thank you Allie for tagging me to do this tag! This tag is created by Trisha from That Slytherin Writer, and it is awesome so check hers out too.

The Rules

  • Tag the creator
  • Tag 5 other people
  • Be a unicorn today because optimist yo — how dare you Trish, I am always a unicorn!
  • Give a method that you feel is the ‘recipe of you’.

How to create 1 Lia

  • Get out a bowl (no not that big one, I am only one tiny human).
  • Turn on your music, didn’t you know everyone cooks better with music? (it’s a lot more fun too).
  • Begin with some stardust. Always start with stardust, that is the basic ingredient for every awesome being.
  • Add one drop of social awkwardness, one drop I said not the entire bottle! Okay too late now let’s go on.
  • Throw in some more ambition and motivation as well. I need to reach the stars after all.
  • Drop every book you can find in it (yes every single one).
  • Add some rainbows for positivity. By now your bowl should be glowing of happiness.
  • Oh don’t forget that mystery ingredient for curiosity and creativity!
  • Bake me on a campfire for extra crispiness (I will bake even better on a clear night).
  • You can decorate me with sprinkles, because who doesn’t love sprinkles?
  • Take a picture of your end result
  • YOU CAN’T EAT ME! Only silent admiring please.

This is so much fun!

I tag…







16 thoughts on “Recipe of Me Tag

  1. Haha! Don’t worry I will silent admire you. This sounds like a lot of fun, thank you for tagging me! Too bad they accidentally dropped the whole bottle 😛 I think they throw in two by making me, just to be sure XD


  2. This is such a cute idea! My favorite part of your recipe was this:

    “Add one drop of social awkwardness, one drop I said not the entire bottle! Okay too late now let’s go on.”

    Haha! 😆 I think most people can relate to that part of their identity — I definitely can! 😋

    Liked by 1 person

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