Short Story Society | How I write

Yay only one more week! The start is nearly there 😀

So I promised I would write about how I write today, and guess what? I didn’t prepare a single thing. This is probably going to be just a messy post with me rambling about writing…

This month I started writing these scribbled scenes. So far I’ve written 12 scenes, shame on me! It was supposed to be almost twice as much! I planned on writing every day and I haven’t written anything since Friday. The fact that I’ve been ill is still a pretty bad excuse. I’ll try to write some more tonight, but I first need inspiration!

Some things I’ve learned from writing these scenes is

  • I really enjoy writing these short scenes!
  • They are getting longer, which is a good sign I think. My scenes are getting more elaborate and that’s great.
  • I don’t have to fear people’s criticism (I’m probably more critical about my own work than you are anyway). The first scenes I upload were terrifying. I was truly scared, and to be honest, I don’t even know why anymore. It feels so personal, but really, it’s not.
  • I think I’m actually quite okay at writing. I’m not as bad as I thought I was.
  • My scenes change dramatically based on my mood and it’s funny looking back at them. I wrote this scene called Darkness, which was pretty dark, and I wrote it on the day I heard of the US elections. I wasn’t even consciously doing it, but I think that cloud was Trump and the people were the US citizen metaphorically speaking.
  • The scene that’s in my head is different from the scene that’s on paper, but I don’t know whether it matters. For example, in my head, the shed from The Prettiest Girls was in the middle of a desert-like area in an Arabian country, however I never wrote a word of it in the scene.
  • Show, don’t tell. This is the tip that’s given a lot but it’s so important for a good story. You need to show the reader what’s going on and not just state it.
  • Inspiration comes in many ways. For me it often comes in the form of one sentence. One gripping sentence, and that’s what I base my scene on. Usually I have no idea how to continue and just start writing until something starts to make sense.
  • Ideas are hard to keep. They drift off so easily. I’ve had probably millions of ideas, but there are only few that I actually remember. Therefore it is so important to write your ideas down, even if it’s only in a few words!
  • Sometimes writing takes a lot of time, because I’m not really into it, but sometimes I write a lot in a short time and everything just fits together. You have to find the stories that feel good, in order to write good.
  • I have no clue what type of stories I like to write more. I wrote some contemporary scenes (e.g. Happily Ever After), some more sci-fi scenes (e.g. Prepare for Take-Off), and some fantasy scenes (e.g. Lethal). To be honest, I liked writing them all, so I guess I’ll just do whatever I feel like.

I hope I’ve given you some insight in how I write and what I’ve learned from it. There’s probably more I want to talk to you about but I can’t think of anything right now.

I was looking through my saved websites in my browser and I came across a post that I saved, which is apparently from 2013, but it has really great tips from literary agents about writing a novel. In this project we will not be writing novels of course, but I thought it might be useful anyway. The link is here.

I hope you’re as excited as I am for this project, and if you want to participate but didn’t fill in the form yet, you can do that right here: Short Story Society | *Everything* you need to know.

Don’t forget about the twitter session on Friday! It’s at 7pm CET / 6pm UTC and the tag is #shortstorysociety ! This Friday it’ll be an introductory chat, in which we will get to know each other better 🙂


13 thoughts on “Short Story Society | How I write

  1. Hi Lia, of all the fiction writers whose stories I have come to love, I have tried to learn about their lives as writers and what particular disciplines they used to produce their works. It’s amazing how different their individual techniques and disciplines are, Some, like García Márquez and Graham Greene had rather strict expectations of themselves on a daily basis; others like Juan Carlos Onetti only wrote when the obsession hit them. In Onetti’s case he would leave visitors to talk to themselves if he was struck by the urge to write, and then it was non-stop, regardless of the clock until his muse called it quits. Then he might spend 2 or 3 months without writing a word. It looks to me like a new writer needs to determine how to optimize his or her approach to discipline as a writer. These and other methods have all worked when matched to the temperament of given writer.

    One thing I can say from having written one as yet unsuccessful novel is that if the characters in a novel drive the story then they will take over at times and cause you to write what you had never planned to do. A good number of successful writers I have investigated say the same thing. I don’t see working at all for short stories, but in the case of novels authors can often be mystified by what their own characters made them write.

    As always, a great fan of your blog, Rich

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    1. That’s really interesting! I think there’s a way for every writer, and it doesn’t really matter what it is, at least if it works for them.
      Yes, I also don’t think that the characters should be the driving force behind a short story, but for a novel that can work quite well! Good luck on your writing, Lia


  2. I am so excited as well! One more week, I can’t wait! And I hope I will remember to go on Twitter tomorrow for the chat. I have place 4 reminders in the agenda topic on my phone, I hope that will be enough 😛

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    1. I’ll probably have to remind myself too because when I read your message I already forgot (I’m such a bad host). Could you fill in the form? You haven’t done so yet (it’s just for organizational purposes, I’m “trying” to be organized)

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      1. Oh? I thought I had done that. Oops. Yes of course I will fill in the form today (if I remember, my brains fails me so often…)
        And if you forget, I will remind you :p

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  3. **** OOOPS I was totally not comprehending what I was writing! WHAT I ACTUALLY MEANT TO SAY: I love reading about how other people write! I have such a different writing process than most people so it’s cool that others like you have their own style of writing and how ideas and things come about 🙂
    -Little Lion STSI

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    1. Hahaha that’s okay, that’s definitely really interesting to read about! People all have their own process and that’s really cool 😀


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