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Today, I have collaborated with the lovely Ruby from Ruby Rae Reads (check out her blog *hint hint*) for a recommendation post! We both have picked some books, movies and tv series we love and the other will be recommending what books to read based on those! So in the post below, on the left you can see Ruby’s pick and on the left, my recommendations! We have both done this so you can go see her post in which she recommends books for me here!



I am recommending Words in Deep Blue by Cath Crowley because it has a lot of similar aspects as To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Though To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before has a more cutesy feel to it, Words in Deep Blue is quite similar in some ways. It is about two friends who have grown apart (Henry and Rachel) and Rachel has started to hate Henry because he never answered her love letter and ignored it for many years. Rachel returns to her old hometown where Henry still lives, after her brother died and now they meet again. It has hate/dislike-to-love, a great sibling relationship, love letters and I adored the romance!

For The Raven Boys I am recommending Wonder Woman: Warbringer. It’s really different from The Raven Boys but in some ways it is also similar. There’s the background in lore, in Wonder Woman it’s about the Amazons and in The Raven Boys it’s about a Welsh King. Both are contemporary fantasy, though Wonder Woman leans more towards urban fantasy. Wonder Woman is about Diana who is an Amazon but saves a mortal and ends up in New York. They develop an amazing friendship and there’s this group of protagonists that’s amazing and their dialogue is so great!

I am recommending This Savage Song for Lady Midnight. I have not read Lady Midnight but judging by the synopsis, I think This Savage Song will be a good fit. Both books are about monsters and fighting monsters (in Lady Midnight: demons, in This Savage Song: actual monsters). Kate is a super bad-ass protagonist and both her and August are really complex characters with complicated family relationships. I loved August’s family dynamics and Kate’s family is basically at the other end of the spectrum. There’s so much complexity in the story and the world building is amazing.



For The Breakfast Club I am recommending both My Most Excellent Year and The Serpent King. I think both are really amazing books! Both are similar in some ways but also different. They both take place in the final year of high school and are about unlikely friendships. In My Most Excellent Year, three teens become friends over a year and it’s just an overall heartwarming, funny book with lots of banter and also politics, baseball and musicals (and I don’t even really like either of those). This book is so underrated and I highly recommend it!

The Serpent King is also an amazing book; one of my favourites to be precise. It’s the story of three outcasts in a small town and it’s about how their lives are changing now that school will be over soon. It’s beautiful and sad and harsh and funny and you have to read it.

Of course I had to recommend Girls Made of Snow and Glass for fans of Snow White. It’s not only one of the only Snow White retellings I’ve read, it’s also one of the best retellings I’ve read. It’s a very subtle retelling but it has an amazing story. In contrast to the original story, there are no damsels in distress and no princes saving the day. It has great, complex and really interesting characters with so much development. There’s also an f/f couple and the best daughter/mother relationship!



Fans of Pretty Little Liars, might enjoy One of Us is Lying and Burn for Burn. I have not read either but judging from the synopses and some reviews I read, they seem like a good fit! Both have the aspect of high school drama mixed with a thriller-esque plot! In One of Us is Lying there’s a murder and one of four students could have done it. In Burn for Burn a group of three girls decide to revenge the wrongs they’ve been done.



Have you read or watched any of these? Any books you’d recommend Ruby? Do you agree with my recommendations or not?

22 thoughts on “If you like this, then read this | Collab with Ruby from Ruby Rae Reads

  1. Oh this is a really fun post 🙂 I loved both Lara Jean and Words in Deep Blue and I do agree that they have some similar aspects. And Girls Made of Snow and Glass was brilliant, I loved it so, SO much 😀 x

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  2. This is so fun!! I love Lady Midnight so I’m going to check out this Savage Song, also I keep on seeing great reviews on Girls Made of Snow and Glass, so that’s definitely going on my TBR (if it’s not already is, at this point… I can’t even trust myself).

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  3. I have read This Savage Song and Wonder Woman and I loved them both! Getting through the Shadowhunter series slowly and I definitely will check out The Raven Boys! And I absolutely love Pretty Little Liars so I need to read One of Us is Lying soon!

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  4. I love these kinds of posts so much!!! I feel like they are so much fun to read (and write) because you will surely find something that you enjoyed and you instantly get a recommendation.
    I have to check out Words in Deep Blue very soon because I’ve only heard great things about it and it really sounds like a book I’d really enjoy! I love what you girls did here! ❤

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  5. The serpent king looks AMAZING! I just added it to my good reads TBR! I loved the concept of this post I’ll have to go check out Ruby Raes recommendations now since I loved these so much! Also To all the boys I’ve loved before is SO cute I really loved that one (kitty was my fav) Great post and happy reading 🙂

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