Why I disappeared + Books I’m excited about

It’s been a while since I posted on here, and that’s because of a lot of reasons, and I felt it wasn’t really nice to leave you all in the dark. As you might know from my twitter, I have just started my Master’s degree and it hasn’t been easy. This is the third week of lectures and I feel like I’m already way over my head with homework. And on top of that I want to keep working at my part-time job one day in the week, so I barely have free time. And if I have free time, I’m just too mentally exhausted to do anything else than watch Netflix. But as much as I’d like for it to be the only reason I haven’t been blogging, it’s not all.

When I returned from my vacation almost two months ago, I hadn’t posted in weeks (because I was away), and completely fell out of love with blogging. I worked a lot, because I wanted to make some extra hours before going back to uni, and I wanted to spend my free time drawing or reading, and didn’t at all feel like blogging. I just didn’t know what to blog about anymore. And then on top of that, I kind of fell out of love with YA (or at least a little) as I started reading more non-fiction, I found it hard to get excited about new books. Even books I’ve been anticipating for months, I feel ‘meh’ about.

I’ve been following bloggers who read almost exclusively YA, all my friends and mutuals read mostly YA, and I’m guessing there are some people with different tastes, but still overall, it’s mostly YA. You all probably read YA, because you started following me for a reason, I guess, and the thing is that I have been reading YA for the past two years almost exclusively and that’s what my blog has been about. So I know I shouldn’t let that influence what I post about, but what’s the point in posting about books you probably aren’t interested in? It just feels pointless? Or maybe that’s just all in my head.

I want to get back into reading YA and that’s why I wanted to write this post (also because I felt you deserved an explanation for my disappearance). I’m going to go through my goodreads shelves and find those books (mostly YA) that I was anticipating in the hopes it’ll somehow help me get more excited about them.

divider the books

Picture Us in The Light by Kelly Loy Gilbert is a beautiful book about an Asian gay boy who lives in the US and it’s about family and love and relationships and it seems to be very emotional but a bit slow (according to reviews) but it sounds so good?? And that cover?? *dies*

Sadie by Courtney Summers is about (you guessed it) Sadie. Her friend gets killed and the story gets picked up by a radio dj who gets obsessed with finding out what happened. I am just trash for the entire concept of murder/mystery podcasts in book form (it’s the only reason I still want to read Six Stories by Matt Wesolowski).

Vengeful by V.E. Schwab is the second book in her duology and honestly, it doesn’t matter what she writes, I’ll always be excited to read it! I read Vicious earlier this year and absolutely loved it.

Summer Bird Blue is by the amazing Akemi Dawn Bowman and Starfish was one of the best books I’ve read, so I know this will be so good as well! AND it has an aro/ace-spec questioning main character and that makes me want to cry happy tears. It’s also about a mixed-race (Japanese/Hawaiian/white) girl who loves music!

Muse of Nightmares by Laini Taylor is the sequel to Strange the Dreamer and that was just so well-written! Laini Taylor has such an amazing writing-style, and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen with my favourite godspawn.

The Past and Other Things That Should Stay Buried by Shaun David Hutchinson, because if you haven’t been paying attention, I LOVE SDH’s books. They’re emotional, original, quirky and weird and ALWAYS very queer and I’m so down for this new book.

A Girl Called Shameless by Laura Steven is the sequel to The Exact Opposite of Okay aka one of my favourite books of this year and that’s enough reason for me to get really excited! The first book was so powerful and feminist and I just adore Izzy and the unique voice she has, I need more of that!

One Giant Leap by Heather Kaczynski is the sequel to Dare Mighty Things which is about a competition for young adults to go into space with an aro/ace/questioning main character (Indian-American) and it honestly feels like this was written for me. Though it had some flaws, I can’t wait to see where the story will take us.

The Disasters by M. K. England just sounds so good! It’s about a bunch of queer outcasts who try to do a heist in space?? Like can it get any better?? So basically what I gather it’s Six of Crows but set in space.

And lastly, but without cover, Not Your Backup by C.B. Lee. This is the third book in the Sidekick Squad series and if I owned this book right now, I would have read it right this second because it’s exactly what could get me out of this slump. It’s about kids with superpowers and everyone is queer and there’s a lot of POC rep and Not Your Backup is about one of the characters that is aro/ace/questioning and I’M HYPED.

divider simple

Have you seen all these covers?? They’re so gorgeous!! This has definitely helped me remember why I love YA and I just wish I could have all these books right now so they can help me fall back in love but since the majority isn’t even out yet, that’ll be a bit hard… For now, if you have recommendations for what I should try to read next, let me know. I’m looking for something that is quite short and not too slow or lengthy, that’ll drag me in!

I have no idea if I’ll have the time to write more blog posts in the soon future, so I don’t want to make promises I can’t keep. If you want to keep in touch in another way, follow me on twitter (see sidebar) because I will be on twitter quite a bit (mostly to complain about homework).

Do you want to read any of these books? What book helped you out of a slump or made you fall (back) in love with a genre? Give me all your recommendations!

42 thoughts on “Why I disappeared + Books I’m excited about

  1. I feel ya. I’ve been drowning in school because I’m now in my last year of high school and just want to get it over with hahaha. AND YAYYY YOUR MASTERS!!! I feel like you’ve said what you’re studying but I can’t remember?? Even when I don’t talk about YA (or books, for that matter) people have still been super supportive of my blog and are still reading my posts and honestly that’s so amazing and you shouldn’t be scared of people not being interested in your posts anymore, I’m sure you’ll even get new readers for it (I did!) Picture Us in the Light and Summer Bird Blue have been on my TBR for soooo long (and they both have beautiful covers) I’ve been hearing about Sadie a lot, but this is the first time I know what it’s about and OMG!!! That sounds AMAZING!!! *adds to tbr*

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    1. I’m studying Economic Psychology! It’s mostly about economic decision making and marketing! Ah yes that’s right! You’ve been posting a lot more k-pop and k-drama related things lately!
      I can’t wait to read Picture Us In The Light and Summer Bird Blue and I’m waiting for both of them to be released in paperback (for SBB that might take a while so I might pick up the hardback instead :/ )
      I’m currently reading Sadie and loving it! The audiobook is so well-done! It has so many voice actors and it’s actually like you’re listening to a podcast, it’s so great!

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  2. Vengeful and Muse of Nightmares must be the top two books I’m highly anticipating at the moment.
    I think the funny thing about blogging is that we’re all scared of branching out and doing something different, but once we actually do it, it works out better than we thought it would. I mean I love talking about YA but sometimes I fall out of love with it too and I’d rather talk about a non-fiction or general Adult book instead. I think it makes for a nice change and stops things becoming repetitive.

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    1. Same! I cannot wait for Vengeful to be released and I think I’m going to have to reread Strange the Dreamer before I read Muse of Nightmares and that book is really big so it will probably take me a while!
      I’m glad you experieced it that way! I will definitely try to write some posts that aren’t about YA and maybe that’ll make me more excited to blog 🙂

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  3. I had no idea that Not Yout Backup featured an aro/ace/questioning mc im even more excited now!
    Now on the blogging front don’t feel like you have to post just YA if that’s not what you are feeling reading right now. I’m always interested in seeing other content, bookish or not. Feeling pressured to only post about certain things when your struggling to enjoy that thing is really hard. When ever im stuck in that kind of funk i tend to focus my time on something else if it’s Nonfiction than thats what i read until the urge to read something else is back again.

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    1. Yeah it does! Emma, who is one of the side-characters from the first two books is questioning whether she’s somewhere on the aro and ace spectrums and she’ll be the narrator for the third book!
      I’m glad you feel that way! I will definitely try to write more about other things I love 😀


  4. i think this is a great way to get yourself re-enthused about YA, but also you don’t have to pressure yourself into it! i think for most people, or at least a lot, YA starts to fade a bit as they get older and their interests change. for me, i still love YA, but it’s not the only genre i read anymore. and i love blogs that talk about books that aren’t necessarily the same ones everyone else is talking about!

    good luck balancing school and everything! hope things are well with you 🙂

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    1. That is probably true. I still love reading YA and though I think I’ll probably branch out to adult fiction in the future, I just don’t feel quite ready for that yet. And I have no idea where I’d begin. I wish there was more NA that wasn’t just YA with more romance and actually was in between YA and Adult fiction, you know? I think I’d love that!
      Thank you!

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  5. I feel the first part so hard. I’m in the second week of my Masters and there’s already so much more work than in my Bachelors? I was supposed to take language classes but in the end I couldn’t even do that because there’s no way I’d have time for them next to the other stuff… And I haven’t even started working yet (but planning to) :/

    basically just, hard same on the entire first paragraph and I hope we both find some rest and free time soon!

    and I agree that pretty much all I see from everyone is YA, so I understand it can be alienating if you don’t feel like reading YA right now :/ maybe you can find new bloggers who post nonfic but also keep (some of the) old ones?

    I’ve read Sadie and I loved it. I read it really fast even though it’s a heavy book, because you just keep wanting to know what happens. the format really works with the story as well! (it’s her little sister getting killed btw, and I’m saying this because I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere in the blurb, but MAJOR tw for pedophilia/child sexual abuse. like, it’s a major plot. it’s a great book, but I feel like that should be made clearer :/)

    wow, lots of sequels here 😀 I want Not Your Backup so much tbh.

    ALSO! I pre-ordered The Lady’s Guide, and with Book Depository it will probably take 3 weeks to get here but I want it so much T_T

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    1. My first two weeks were so overwhelming and there was so much I needed to do but it has calmed down a little now. It’s still a lot of work but I’ve gotten in a rhythm, I guess? I hope it’ll get better for you as well!
      Yeah I’d like to find bloggers that read other books as well, although I don’t even have time to read those blogs much 😦 but maybe it’ll inspire me?
      I’m reading Sadie right now! I’m listening to the audiobook and it’s so well-done?? I love the format!
      Sometimes Book Depository surprises you because one time I got the book on release date so maybe you’re lucky! I’m pretty sure I got all my pre-orders from there at least within the release week.

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  6. sometimes you just need a break! blogging is way more work then people realize before starting up!
    also, i actually don’t read a lot of YA and still enjoy following you and reading about what you read about. 🙂 to get out of a slump i try to find a shorter book that i know will be a quick enjoyable read. usually the feeling of finishing one book gets me back in gear and excited to pick up another. if that makes sense.

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    1. Definitely true! Though it’s taking a lot less time than it did when I started haha I used to post so much each week!
      That makes me happy! I definitely want to post more about other things in the future 🙂
      I read some short books since writing this post and it has definitely helped a lot!

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  7. It’s good to see you posting again, Lia ❤ I'm sorry to hear you've been falling a bit out of love with blogging and YA books lately, but glad writing this made you a little excited about books again. Hopefully it will come back, slowly but surely, and we all have our slumps and grow and change, too. Whatever you do and want to read or/and talk about next on this blog if and when you are inspired, we will be there, or at least I will be reading it 😀
    I really want to read Picture us in the light as well, it sounds like such a great read and I love that cover so much 😀

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    1. Aww thank you! ❤
      I've already started reading more YA and it has definitely helped though I don't think I'll ever love YA as much as I did the last few years, but that's okay 🙂

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  8. Welcome back to blogging! I love how we can all have different reading tastes and still love to share our fav reads! I try to read one non-fiction book a month, as well as some adult fiction along with my regular YA.
    I’m in my senior college year and it’s hard, so I can only imagine that Masters is eve harder!!! Good luck settling into the pacing and finding your footing.
    Also, I can’t wait to read Muse of Nightmares!

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    1. Yay that makes me happy! I don’t think I’ll be writing full reviews because I wouldn’t know how to (and I don’t have the time) but I’ll do wrap-ups and write mini-reviews about them!

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  9. Oh goodness, keeping on top of blogging AND work AND your Masters is a big call, doll – no shame at all in putting this one on the back-burner for a bit! And I know when you end up in a bit of a niche blogging-wise it can seem like that’s all there is to blog about, and everyone you know blogs about that same thing (in this case, YA)… BUT I’m definitely not a YA blogger, not even a YA reader most of the time, and I still found you and followed you – and I would definitely be interested in hearing your take on other types of books. Sure, a handful of people might drop off because they’re no longer interested, but I’d imagine there’s a whole new world of readers and bloggers out there who would be delighted to discover your new direction. So, perhaps don’t be too harsh on yourself in maintaining that type of consistency – if YA isn’t lighting your fire right at the moment, try reviewing some different stuff and see how it goes 😉 Sending you big love and hugs!

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    1. Thank you! It’s definitely a lot! But I’m managing 🙂
      It’s definitely a little difficult to get out of the mindset that I have to post about one thing when that is not what I’m loving right now. That makes me so happy to hear! I’m definitely going to try to get out of my blogger comfortzone more!

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  10. I am sorry to hear that you have been feeling out of touch with blogging. I have been feeling same from quite sometime but I am trying to balance out. it’s okay to take a hiatus as ‘real life’ is there too.
    All these covers are really beautiful. I am looking forward to reading Sadie as it’s on my TBR for quite a long time. Also, I am so excited to read Summer Bird Blue. I have been waiting to read it since I read Starfish. Akemi’s writing was wonderful in that.
    I hope you get to read these books soon and you fall in love with YA again 🙂

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    1. That is definitely true!
      Yeah they are so pretty! I’m reading Sadie right now and it’s so good! And Akemi Dawn Bowman is such a talented writer, I’d read anything she writesprobably! Thank you!

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