I’m going on indefinite hiatus

I’ve thought about this all day (and honestly, also the entirety of the past two months) and I need a break.

You know how in relationships, people sometimes take a break to reconsider whether they’re right for each other? I need that. I’ve been using uni as an excuse to not post, but I know that if I really wanted to blog, I would have kept blogging. During my bachelor’s, I was really busy and I still managed to post, sometimes even almost every single day. And that was because I loved doing it. But that love is gone now. Blogging has become a kind of chore, something to tick off a to-do list, it’s no longer a reward.

I need some distance to see if I want to continue. I’ve been pushing myself to blog and that’s not good at all. It’s not easy saying goodbye to something that has been a big part of my life for so long, but I gotta do what feels good and that isn’t dragging myself through this. Who knows, I might be back in a month, a year, or never. And I have got believe that that is okay. I understand some of you might miss my posts, but it’s my life and time and mental health, I don’t want to waste it this way anymore. Because that’s what it feels like: a waste.

My blogging experience has been amazing. I’ve done so many amazing things and written things I’m proud of. I’ve made friends and helped people and read great books, but I’ve come to realize I can still do all those things without my blog. I’m not defined by it.

I’ve always lived according to the rule that if something doesn’t feel like it’s worth it anymore, I should quit doing it. And it’s time I follow my own rule.

So I’m saying goodbye, for now. Maybe I’ll be back, maybe I won’t.

You can always contact me on twitter or follow me on goodreads or instagram, I’m not going to disappear, I just won’t be on here anymore.

18 thoughts on “I’m going on indefinite hiatus

  1. I’ve had this little feeling in me for a while that this was going to happen, and honestly, I commend you. I haven’t been on blogs much myself, I mainly stay connected with others in the blogging world through Instagram. So I definitely understand and it’s not like it’s truly goodbye, just goodbye on this side.


  2. I support you 💕 It’s very important to listen to what you want and truly do the things that inspire you, instead of trying to force it. Of course, I’m sad too, but it’s like you said – you’ll still be around on Twitter and Goodreads 🙂


  3. Do what’s best for you, Lia. Take care and if the desire strikes again or not, I hope it’s what you want. 🙂


  4. Do what’s best for you! ❤ Honestly I'm not sure I'll keep blogging either because I really want to but at the same time it's just… at the bottom of my priorities unfortunately. Life is busy.


  5. You have to do what’s best for you and that’s the bottom line. I 100% support your decision. And I’ll still keep in touch on Twitter and Goodreads.


  6. To be honest, I’ve been feeling a lot like this too, lately. Which is why I gave up my posting calendar, and it IS better. But I can’t say I’ve found my solution yet. I’ve been feeling lukewarm about the blog too. I think I’m pretty sure that I want to keep blogging, but not sure about the format.

    It seems like a lot of the bloggers who started along with us are dropping off right now. It’s natural, but I also kind of feel sad. My community T_T

    I hope we can stay in touch on Twitter! ❤


  7. You are amazing and lovely and I support you doing whatever you need to do. I LOVE your blog, but if the love isn’t there, what’s the point in forcing it? Sending you lots of love, Lia!


  8. Take care of yourself, Lia. You know I’m going to be bugging you once in a while on Twitter, I’ll be in touch. I hope you feel better, and I’m here for you.


  9. I will miss your posts, Lia. But blogging should be fun and if it feels like a chore.. well it sounds like you’re making a good choice for yourself and your mental health :). It’s nice we can still follow you on other platforms. I wish you all the best and hope that you feel better soon. Hugs.


  10. I’m sorry to hear blogging has felt like a chore lately – I wish you a good hiatus and I hope you’ll come back because I loved your blog posts, but in the end, you’ll do as you feel and do what feels right for you, that’s what matters the most! ❤ Take care of yourself Lia, I'm sending you love! xxxx


  11. you will be missed! but i totally understand! i am starting to feel like blogging is a chore lately too and have been considering stopping for a bit to see if stopping is really what i want. glad i’ll still get to see you on instagram though! 🙂


  12. Good for you, doll! ❤ The blogging world will miss you of course, but it is brave and wonderful to make a choice like this for yourself, and I'm so happy you're doing something that will free you. Back-slaps and hi-fives from me! See you on Goodreads! 😉 x


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