Little update: my new blog

I know I said I wasn’t going to post here anymore, which is true, at least, with the exception of this post. I have a quick little announcement: I started a new blog, and it’s not going to be solely about books (mostly not about books, actually). You can find it over here, and it’s called Sunflowers & Wonder. If you liked my content here and am excited for what’s next (just like me), you can give it a follow. I hope you enjoy. Have a lovely day. Signing off now 🙂

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I’m going on indefinite hiatus

I’ve thought about this all day (and honestly, also the entirety of the past two months) and I need a break.

You know how in relationships, people sometimes take a break to reconsider whether they’re right for each other? I need that. I’ve been using uni as an excuse to not post, but I know that if I really wanted to blog, I would have kept blogging. During my bachelor’s, I was really busy and I still managed to post, sometimes even almost every single day. And that was because I loved doing it. But that love is gone now. Blogging has become a kind of chore, something to tick off a to-do list, it’s no longer a reward.

I need some distance to see if I want to continue. I’ve been pushing myself to blog and that’s not good at all. It’s not easy saying goodbye to something that has been a big part of my life for so long, but I gotta do what feels good and that isn’t dragging myself through this. Who knows, I might be back in a month, a year, or never. And I have got believe that that is okay. I understand some of you might miss my posts, but it’s my life and time and mental health, I don’t want to waste it this way anymore. Because that’s what it feels like: a waste.

My blogging experience has been amazing. I’ve done so many amazing things and written things I’m proud of. I’ve made friends and helped people and read great books, but I’ve come to realize I can still do all those things without my blog. I’m not defined by it.

I’ve always lived according to the rule that if something doesn’t feel like it’s worth it anymore, I should quit doing it. And it’s time I follow my own rule.

So I’m saying goodbye, for now. Maybe I’ll be back, maybe I won’t.

You can always contact me on twitter or follow me on goodreads or instagram, I’m not going to disappear, I just won’t be on here anymore.

Why I disappeared + Books I’m excited about

It’s been a while since I posted on here, and that’s because of a lot of reasons, and I felt it wasn’t really nice to leave you all in the dark. As you might know from my twitter, I have just started my Master’s degree and it hasn’t been easy. This is the third week of lectures and I feel like I’m already way over my head with homework. And on top of that I want to keep working at my part-time job one day in the week, so I barely have free time. And if I have free time, I’m just too mentally exhausted to do anything else than watch Netflix. But as much as I’d like for it to be the only reason I haven’t been blogging, it’s not all.

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Hiatus announcement

This is going to be a really short post because I don’t have the time to write anything more than that. I’ll be leaving to go on vacation in half an hour so I’ll be going on hiatus. I will not have any posts until the end of July and maybe a little longer. And I will probably not be able to reply to comments either. So I hope you all will survive without me and have a great July!

P.s. I will hopefully be somewhat active on twitter and instagram so follow me there for updates and other random stuff.

#IndieAthon Announcement | Read Indie Books with Me in March?

I don’t know about you, but for me, books that are independently published or self-published somehow always end up at the bottom of my priority list. And that makes me very sad! I’d love to read more indie books and delve deeper into this whole area of books I’ve only read a few of. In the past, I’ve read and reviewed some self-published books and also indie books, but I can do better! This is also the reason why I came up with this readathon. During the month March, me and my four co-hosts: Theo, Marie, Joel and Eloise will be hosting the first ever edition of #IndieAthon!

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The House Cup Reading Challenge | Sign Up

This is going to be a really quick post because I’ve impulsively decided to take part in this reading challenge and it starts tomorrow. I have not made a TBR yet, and I might not make one at all. We’ll see!

The House Cup Reading Challenge is 4 weeks long and starts tomorrow on 15 October, and ends on 12 November. It is hosted by  Kelsey of Kelsey’s Cluttered Bookshelf, Alex of Book Daisy Reviews, Lauren of Live, Love, Read, and Erica of Escape Under the Cover. You’ll read 7 books, one for each year of Hogwarts, and beside that there are 13 challenges with prompts. You can read the full list here! You can get points for each of the challenges and the house with the most points wins! I am in Hufflepuff!

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Hiatus Announcement + Some Questions in the Sunshine Blogger Award!

I think I mentioned this once before, but I will be taking a mini-hiatus very soon. Probably from Sunday on until next week Sunday.  I will post on this Saturday and probably also on Sunday this week but after that, I’m gone! I’ll be going on short vacation and I am so busy with school that I am unable to write posts ahead of time, also, that would be super stressful so I’m not doing that to myself. I will probably return with a post on October 24th.

Anyway, now that we got that over with, today I wanted to do a tag! I suck at doing tags on time because I always end up with a long long list of tags I was tagged in and never get around to do them. This is the Sunshine Blogger Award and I was nominated by the wonderful Laura Noakes (who is absolutely lovely and you should definitely check out her blog!). Thank you, Laura!

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