On this page I’ll be adding guides and resources I’ve posted on my blog. These might be useful for writing, blogging or basically anything.

Writing | The Bad Book Project

In this project I tried to find out how to write a book, it includes guest posts from writers and a lot of tips and tricks!

The Bad Book Project #1 | Introduction: How to Get Started
The Bad Book Project #2 | Writing Diverse Characters (by Hannah)
The Bad Book Project #3 | The Importance of a Good Quality Secondary Cast (by Trisha)
The Bad Book Project #4 | Creating Characters
The Bad Book Project #5 | Plotting your Novel (by Claudie)
The Bad Book Project #6 | The Plot
The Bad Book Project #7 | World Building (by Savannah)
The Bad Book Project #8 | Building a Society
The Bad Book Project #9 | Outlining (by Blaise)
The Bad Book Project #10 | In which I fail at outlining.
The Bad Book Project #11 | Writing style (by Tiana)
The Bad Book Project #12 | Dialogue


A guide on how to increase your follower count with 12 simple steps:

How To Grow Your Blog: A 12-Step Guide

A currently ongoing series about getting ARCs and books for reviews: how to get them and what to do with them.

A Guide To ARCs | #1 Emailing Publishers – Featuring Jess from Bookends And Endings
A Guide To ARCs | #2 The Master Who-To-Contact List for Internationals ARC Requests
A Guide To ARCs | #3 Digital Review Copies (aka, where to get free books + alternatives to Netgalley & Edelweiss)


The Bookworm’s Guide to making Aesthetics

Discussion: Fantastic Audiobooks & Where To Find Them

A guide I found online once but shared on here:


Some discussions I wrote I think are important and might be interesting to check out:

Discussion | Problematic Content & What To Do About It

Blogging as an International | Access to books and ARCs

Discussion | On Negative Reviews, Authors, Bloggers, and the Book Community

Aromanticism: Answering All The Questions You Probably Wanted To Ask But Didn’t.

Discussion | Book blurbs and why I don’t usually read them