Review Policy

I review many ARCs on my blog but also books that I got via review requests of authors. Currently, I am no longer taking review requests (indefinitely).

My reviews will consist of several parts: the synopsis of the book, 3 or more things about the book I liked or disliked, quotations and a conclusion. Which aspects of the book I discuss depend on the book itself, but often it will include: the characters, the diversity and my overall feelings about the book.

My Regular Rating Scale

My ratings will range from one star to five stars. I will also use half-stars if I think it is necessary.

★★★★★ This book was amazing, it is one of my favourites
★★★★    This book was great, I loved it and would recommend it to anyone
★★★       It’s a good book and I liked it but there is some improvement possible
★★          I didn’t like it and had trouble getting through it, I would not recommend it
★             The book was not good and I don’t want to finish it

Be aware this is my personal opinion and I don’t want to do anyone harm or make anyone feel bad about the books they read.


When I review a book I will always point out the diversity in it. For me personally, diversity is very important so I will always at least mention in which way the book is diverse or not diverse. With diversity I mean POC (person of color)/non-Caucasian characters, LGBTQIAP (lesbian/gay/trans/bi/queer/intersex/ace/pan/etc) characters, characters with disabilities/disorders/diseases, characters from ethnic, cultural or religious minorities and books that are set in a non-western setting.

Genres I read

I read mainly YA books (targeted to 15-25 year olds), but I have some sub-genres I love more than others.

(Sub)-Genres I read (Sub)-Genres I don’t read (or barely)
Low fantasy Historic fiction
Contemporary Fantasy High fantasy/magical realism
Urban Fantasy Thrillers/horror
Contemporary (occasionally romance) Erotica
Sci-fi Manga/Comics/Graphic Novels

Review requests are currently not open.